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Welcome to Pathways our Austistic Provision. Have a look and see what our Pathways children get up to and get a tour of our provisions across our federation!

To know more about Trummies watch the video our Pathways children did to tell you what it is all about!

Pathways is a resourced provision for children aged 4-11 with Autism Spectrum Conditions. It has been part of Childs Hill Primary School since 1997, supporting children with language and communication difficulties, and has been supporting children with Autism Spectrum Conditions exclusively since 2011. One of its functions is to support the integration of children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions into mainstream schooling.  For those children who find mainstream classes a serious challenge, Pathways provides a safe and stimulating environment so that each child can realise his or her potential.

At Pathways we use a variety of evidence-based approaches to provide highly individualised support to each child. We use the TEACCH programme to provide a visually organised environment for our children along with structured activities.  The SCERTS model helps us to provide social and communication targets as well as emotional regulation targets across settings. To help us develop the children’s attention and listening skills we use the Gina Davis programme to provide an irresistible desire to communicate through fun and exciting activities. As some of our children have sensory issues as well, we provide a variety of exciting sensory play activities as well as ensure that their individual sensory needs are met.

Pathways aims to encompass the pupil’s entitlement to the National Curriculum, this includes working on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for those children reception age. We carefully assess each child every term to set new targets for the curriculum along with communication targets. We provide a wide curriculum reflecting all the subject areas in the National Curriculum, this also includes swimming and community outings to support our children’s learning of life skills.

There are 2 classes in Pathways, each with 6 children, spanning the primary age range. Currently, Jets class has children from reception to year 3, and Rockets class has children from year 3 to year 6.  We have a SENCO, 2 Class Teachers, an Early Years Professional, a Welfare Assistant, as well as 4 Teaching Assistants.  We also have a Speech and Language Therapist who provides advice as well as group and individual work with the children.

We aim to provide the best learning experience for our children at Pathways.  We have an extremely dedicated staff that are clearly committed to helping our children achieve their full potential. Pathways is perceived by all at Childs Hill as a great asset to the school, and the children and staff are fully included in the life of the school.