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Welcome to Childs Hill Primary school website. We hope that you will find it a useful source of information and that it keeps you up to date with all the exciting activities that happen in our busy school.

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  • 09:20 PM - 15th July, 2019

    I’m on the hunt for unused picture books for our nursery and reception classes! If you have any that you’d be happy to donate to our wonderful children then please let me know! You’d be doing a very good thing! X

  • 08:38 PM - 15th July, 2019

    As your children are growing, are you left with piles of picture books, simply gathering dust? Our nursery and reception children would happily take them off your hands and give them a new lease of life! You can’t have enough picture books in a busy early years classroom! W...

  • 09:45 AM - 12th July, 2019

    To kick off Health Fun and Fitness week we were treated to a skipping workshop with a world record holding skipping guy! The assemblynat the end of th...

  • 12:43 PM - 10th July, 2019

    Check out this AMAZING poster full of tips for a healthy lifestyle! I need to do these!

  • 12:06 PM - 5th July, 2019

    I've just found the most incredible piece of Year 4 independent writing. It is so good, I just had to share it! What an intro! Enjoy!

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