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Name Date Category  
AM Kentish Town Farm 05th Jun 2023Nursery AM Download
Autism Acceptance Week 23rd Mar 2023Whole School Download
Be Bright Be Seen 23rd Nov 2022Whole School Download
Bedtime Stories 29th Apr 2022Whole School Download
British Museum Trip 21st Nov 2022Year 5 Download
Cardfields Letter 19th Jan 2023Year 6 Download
Carnival Letter for CHC Dance Group.docx 09th Jun 2022Dance Group Download
Carnival Letter for Steel Pan Group.docx 09th Jun 2022Steel Pan Download
Caught Being Kind Letter 22nd Feb 2022Whole School Download
Change of date Y4 Bound Green Camping 30th Jan 2023Year 4 Download
Change of teacher Bobcat 30th Nov 2022Bobcat Class Download
Change of teacher Oncilla 30th Nov 2022Oncilla Class Download
Change to Nursery Intake September 2022 11th May 2022Nursery Download
CHC Choir Letter 07th Feb 2023KS2 Download
CHC Christmas Carol 24th Nov 2022KS2 Download
CHC Firework Letter 10th Oct 2022Whole School Download
CHC Firework Letter (Arabic) 10th Oct 2022Whole School Download
CHC Firework Letter (Pathways) 12th Oct 2022Pathways Download
Childs Hill Claremont Shoe Donation Form for FSM Families 14th Jun 2022Free School Meal Families Download
Choir at O2 24th May 2022 17th Jan 2022Choir Download
CHS Christmas Flyer 26th Nov 2021Whole School Download
CHS Fasting Ramadan 28th Mar 2022Year 5&6 Download
Covid update letter Dec 21 06th Dec 2021Whole School Download
Cricklewood Carnival Main School.docx 09th Jun 2022Whole School Download
Cricklewood Carnival Pathways.docx 09th Jun 2022Pathways Download
Dance Fesitval Letter 2022 25th Feb 2022Dance Group Download
Eid Letter 18th Apr 2023Whole School Download
Eid mubarak 29th Apr 2022Whole School Download
End of the School Day 04th Jan 2023Whole School Download
Extreme Hot Weather Warning 15th Jul 2022Whole School Download
Food Letter.docx 22nd Jul 2021Year 5 Download
Friendship Disco 03rd Nov 2022Whole School Download
Green Park Trip 05th May 2023Pathways Download
Health Fun Fitness Week 30th Jun 2022Whole School Download
International Evening 16th Sep 2022Whole School Download
International Womens Day Football 01st Mar 2023Girls Football Team Download
Jack and the Beanstalk 30th Jan 2023Reception Download
JETS Pathways teaching staff 25th Feb 2022Pathways Download
Kentish Town Farm 19th Apr 2023Reception Download
King III Coronation Tea Party 26th Apr 2023Whole School Download
KS1 Letter 08th Jul 2021Year 1 Download
KS1 Letter 08th Jul 2021Year 2 Download
KS1 Magic Marvel 03rd Nov 2022KS1 Download
KS2 A Christmas Carol Pantomime 03rd Nov 2022KS2 Download
KS2 English Touring Opera 15th Mar 2022KS2 Download
KS2 Jubilee Lunch 25th May 2022KS2 Download
Letter to Families Summer 2022 09th Jun 2022Whole School Download
Meet the Teacher 07th Sep 2022Whole School Download
MTC Letter 21st Apr 2023Year 4 Download
Nursery Letter.docx 15th Jul 2021Nursery Download
Oak Lodge School Y6 Pathways 15th Sep 2022Pathways Download
Parent Covid Letter 26th Nov 2021Whole School Download
Parents Evening 04th Nov 2022Whole School Download
Parents Evening 27th Feb 2023Whole School Download
Parents Evening Letter Spring 2022 25th Feb 2022Whole School Download
Pathways Strike Action 27th Jan 2023Pathways Download
Pathways Welcome & Curriculum Letter 16th Sep 2022Pathways Download
PM of Kentish Town Farm 05th Jun 2023Nursery PM Download
RAF Museum 10th Jan 2023Year 2 Download
Ramadan Letter 09th Mar 2023Year 5&6 Download
Ramadan Letter Update 24th Mar 2023KS2 Download
Reception Letter.docx 08th Jul 2021Reception Download
Reception London Zoo 22 20th Jan 2022Reception Download
Roman Trip letter 16th Jun 2022Year 4 Download
School Crossing Patrol 03rd Oct 2022Whole School Download
Snow Centre Trip 16th Nov 2022Pathways Download
Spring 2022 Welcome back letter 10th Jan 2022Whole School Download
SRE Letter 26th Apr 2023Year 2 Download
SRE Letter 03rd May 2023Year 5 Download
Staffing Updates 08th Feb 2023Bobcat Class Download
Staffing Updates 08th Feb 2023Tiger Class Download
Storytelling Workshop 11th Jan 2023Whole School Download
Storytelling Workshop 2022 18th Jan 2022Whole School Download
Strep A Letter 09th Dec 2022Whole School Download
Strike Action 26th Jan 2023Nursery to Y6 Download
Strike Action 27th Feb 2023Lynx, Bobcat, Y3, Y5, Leopard & Rockets Download
Strike Action 2 14th Mar 2023Whole School Download
Strike Action 3 24th Apr 2023Whole School Download
Summer Term Trips and Activities 30th Mar 2023Reception Download
Thames Tour Trip 18th Apr 2023Year 5 Download
Theatre Trip 26th Apr 2023Year 6 Download
Tiger Class New Teacher 22nd Apr 2022Tiger Class Download
Visit to the Houses of Parliament 10th Apr 2023Selected Y4 Pupils Download
Welcome Back 02nd Sep 2022Whole School Download
Y2 to Golders Hill Park 13th Sep 2022Year 2 Download
Y2 to National Gallery 22 21st Feb 2022Year 2 Download
Y3 and 4 Science and Storytelling Workshop 18th Jan 2022Year 3&4 Download
Y4 Science Museum Trip 20th Oct 2022Year 4 Download
Y4 to Bounds Camp 18th Jan 2023Year 4 Download
Y4 Tolmers 2022 11th Jan 2022Year 4 Download
Y4 Wing Academy Meeting 04th Oct 2022Year 4 Download
Y5 Bowling trip letter 26th Nov 2021Year 5 Download
Y5 British Museum Trip 03rd Feb 2022Year 5 Download
Y5 River Tour Trip 26th Apr 2022Year 5 Download
Y5 Wing Academy Meeting 27th Sep 2022Year 5 Download
Y6 Cancellation Tolmers 2022 19th May 2022Year 6 Download
Y6 Maya Workshop Letter 2022 08th Dec 2021Year 6 Download
Y6 to Theatre and Kidzania 28th Apr 2022Year 6 Download
Year 2 to RAF Museum 10th Jan 2022Year 2 Download
Year 3/4 End of Year Letter 08th Jul 2021Year 3 Download
Year 3/4 End of Year Letter 08th Jul 2021Year 4 Download
Year 4 to Mandir 08th Feb 2023Year 4 Download
Year 5 Swimming Letter Tiger 23rd Feb 2022Year 5 Download
Young Voices 04th Jan 2023Choir Download