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TEFAT Report to Parents

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15th Apr 2024

Dear Parent/Carers,

We are very proud and happy to be pupils in an Elliot Foundation school due to the things we learn, the people we meet, and the amazing extra-curricular activities! Elliot schools offer once in a lifetime oppertunities and experiances which help us to learn in creative and engaging ways. Some of our most enjoyable memories from last year include competitive team sports, library visits, taking part in the Young Voices Choir, residential trip, museum trips and a DT project with the Royal Opera House where we created a set design for Alice in Wonderland. More than anything else, parents and carers should know that an exemplary education across a wide range of suvjects is provided for students at Elliot Foundation schools. We then use our knowledge and skills in creative and practical ways. 

Our schools are safe places to learn. We have adults that care forus and respect our feelings. They help us to become better people. We love to celebrate and learn about other people and their religions and cultures. It's so important to learn about this because it makes us more accepting and respectful of others. 

Being at an Elliot Foundation School is an amazing experiance due to excellent teachers and interative lessons. It's filled with kind chldren and supportive staff members! Everyone is friendly!

We enjoy a warm and well organised environment that prepares us to achieve our future goals and helps us learn and achieve together. Our school is motivational, teachers want to push you and see you succeed. I feel like I am being well prepared for secondary school. We are excited to continue to develop and grow from the fantastic foundation that we have been provided with during our primary education!

Written by:

Jasman, Gujrot, Keyaan, Nic & Raizel (Year 6 House Captain at George Betts Primary Academy)

Hibba, Heena & Seerat (Year 6 students at Hillingdon Primary School)

Oscar, Jacob and Ugne (Year 6 students at Milfield Primary School)

TEFAT Annual Report 2024