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TEFAT Report to Parents

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2nd May 2022

We know the Elliot Foundation wants their children to have a good education that will give themopportunities in the future. They also want us to be intelligent people, who have manners and can socialise with others - all of these things make us well-rounded students.When we come to school we expect a quiet classroom where people work together and are kind to each other. While we want interesting facts to help us learn everything that will make us good students, we know it’s also important that we learn how to treat each other in the right way.

We can’t be successful without having all these things in place.
This year, we got to take part in a huge sports event called The Elliot Olympics - it was so much fun! Lots of us have spent time at home so it was so exciting to get active and compete with thousands of other Elliot friends.We were also part of a global event as we welcomed Little Amal, an enormous art piece showing a young refugee girl, who had travelled across the world.

We welcomed her with dancing and art and costumes. Like any family, we all learn from each other and we share ideas with all of us. Teachers and children try to be fair to each other, encourage each other and share ideas in our school and other schools. We all learn from each other. This is something we are encouraged to work on in
our schools. New members are welcomed and we embrace our diversity and learn about each other’s ideas.

We are proud to be part of the school and also proud to be ourselves!

Written by:

Asia Abdullah, Alex Abalayah, Isaiah Hilton,
Ava Phipps and Haretha Nabhan - Year 6, Chandos Primary School
Ema Sirutaviciute and Salomeja Lucinskaite - Year 6, Nene and Ramnoth School
Musa, Urata, Kuba, Almira, Erin, Saif,Remiel and Feliz - Year 6, Parkfield Primary School

TEFAT Report to Parents 2022