Childs Hill & Claremont Federation
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Message from the Executive Headteacher & Head of School

Childs Hill Primary has been a national leader in restorative approaches to behaviour management and school leadership for over 10 years. The school has received recognition from the RJC (Restorative Justice Council) for it’s work and regularly hosts visits from British and international colleagues. Dedication to a community wide relationships policy has guided the school’s work and shaped outcomes for pupils, parents and staff. As a result Childs Hill is a well respected school that ensures progress for all within a truly inclusive learning community. 

Childs Hill joined the Elliot Foundation in 2020, federating with Claremont Primary at the same time. A strong partnership between two local schools has since developed, opening up many new and exciting opportunities.  The CHC (Childs Hill & Claremont) Primary Federation is improving and growing stronger all the time, we like to say CHC Federation is making good things happen in NW2!..Because it’s true! 

Under the leadership of the Executive Headteacher, Dan Hawkins since 2012 Childs Hill is a popular, vibrant and welcoming school.  It is proud of its innovative curriculum offer, which is as easy as ABC! Every child is supported in developing their Academic ME, Being ME and Creative ME including the pupils who attend the school’s specialist ARP (Additional Resource Provision for autism). The ARP is known as Pathways and has recently been expanded to a second site within our federation partnership school Claremont. 

Our federation aims to achieve a clear and simple goal. We teach all of our children to value their learning, to be proud of themselves and to empathise with others. We ensure they see the worth and transformative power of creativity. We invest in their future now.

If you would like to visit us and see us in action, please book here and to reserve a place on our next tour.

Daniel Hawkins

Executive Headteacher

Childs Hill & Claremont Primary School

Message from Head of School

Welcome to Childs Hill Primary School!

Our dedicated staff team work extremely hard to make Childs Hill the welcoming, happy and thriving school it is and I firmly believe you will find it to be just that. Set in the heart of our community, we strive each day to ensure we offer our children the best start in life, and to make our school the vibrant hub that our wonderful families deserve

We have high expectations of everyone within our school community and encourage a sense of pride in both individual and collaborative achievements. We work hard to ensure all of our children achieve academically, creatively and emotionally in school and are well prepared for further learning. Our ABC curriculum seeks to immerse our children in inspiring learning opportunities with outstanding outcomes the aim.

We welcome strong partnerships with parents and families and host a number of shared learning activities in school; together we will ensure all children reach their full potential.

If you are a new parent considering Childs Hill for your child’s education, we trust you will find this website helpful in giving you the information you need. If you would like a real flavour of the work we do, be sure to have a look at our Instagram feed which we aim to update regularly. Alternatively, please contact us to arrange a visit. We are certain you will find Childs Hill smiles round every corner.

I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful little school.

Head of School

Martin Skillett