Childs Hill & Claremont Federation

Vision & Values

The Childs Hill & Claremont Primary Federation was formed shortly before the world wide Covid 19 pandemic. If there was ever an event to test the strength, commitment and determination of a partnership that was it. Through a desire to forge something special, meaningful and lasting for our community we worked hard to establish a set of principles that have given us a foundation upon which to build. The fact that we live by these principles in what we do is the reason our community trusts us, works with us, supports us and will grow with us. 

The CHC Principles 

So we work hard to deliver on our principles, to deliver an education that gives our pupils learning and social capital. As a federation our vision is as easy as ABC, Academic Me, Being Me and Creative Me. Our aim is for every child to develop and enjoy their time at school learning and progressing within the three bubbles that make up our curriculum.  We are proudly inclusive and ensure that every child knows their ABC.

  • Academic Me:  The core of our curriculum focuses on reading, writing and maths and the application of these fundamental areas of learning to the wider curriculum

  • Being Me:  Personal development, health and wellbeing within our curriculum are valued and promoted. Emotional regulation, empathy, resilience and aspiration are some of the many qualities taught within our Being Me curriculum

  • Creative Me:  Our creative curriculum ensures that creativity and the opportunity to develop a passion for a subject/activity/sport or skill is offered to all our pupils. Interest in all subjects and topics is encouraged and the pupils are free to express the direction of their learning.

The CHC principles we believe in and the vision which we follow and work towards results in the values we hold as a school community. The outcome of our collective efforts, be they children’s attainment and progress, developmental milestones or creative sparks, are representative evidence of our values that we know can be seen in our schools. 

Our Principles + Our Vision = Our Values - CHC Making a difference in NW2