Pupil voice

Every year we have a pupil survey, thank you to all the children who participated.  Here are some of the comments you made:

Things I like about CHS….

Everything at Childs Hill is GREAT but my favourite thing of all has to be my friendships. (Y6)

I’m excited about school because we learn new topics. (R)

The teachers are friendly and caring. (Y6)

I love trips because they are fun and help us learn in a fun way. (Y4)

I like the way teachers plan some lessons where everyone works together in groups. (Y5)

Childs Hill is the BEST (Pathways)

The restorative approach to solving problems. (Y3)

Things I would change about CHS …..

I think that they could have more play equipment including maybe another slide. (Y3)

Not so many arguments about balls because at the end of the day it’s just a ball. (Y4)

I want more Isabella’s (Rec)

Extend the school so more teachers can teach. (Y1)

I would change the lunchtime rules and we should have more time using computers. (Y6)

Ice cream please! (Rec)