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Teaching & Learning

What we teach and how we teach it.

Our curriculum in inclusive and our commitment to meeting the needs of all our pupils means teachers plan lessons that use a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies. Both more able pupils and those with special educational needs, benefit from planning delivered in creative and multisensory ways, often using dance, drama, art, music. Activities are differentiated in order to challenge and promote curiosity in all children.

Mornings at Childs Hill focus on the teaching and learning of English and Mathematics. Through an amazing range of topics and approaches we ensure that the children are developing key skills in these core areas of the curriculum. Phases and year groups focus on different themes within English and Maths, these are called ‘blocks’. A block of work typically lasts two to three weeks. Our children experience the learning opportunities within the block and will revisit the objectives several times whilst at Childs Hill. We ensure that these vital areas of learning are exciting, challenging and progressive.

With the changes in the national curriculum this year, computing is now a core subject. As a result we have altered out timetable to ensure all children experience at least an hour of computing each week. These lessons cover a range of topics including e-safety, programming and computer science, digital literacy and the creative use of software. Each topic block last a half term and then the children have the opportunity to learn the new skills and then apply them to a situation or project. E-safety is taught every half term with a different focus e.g. how to use search engines safely, how to recognise unacceptable behaviour or what to do if you experience or see cyber bullying.

The Creative Curriculum at Childs Hill School consists of topics which last for approximately a half term.  Within the year there are also theme weeks and days linked to cultural festivals and national events. All year groups plan in educational trips to allow children the opportunity to experience learning outside the classroom.  This may include visits from musicians, artists and authors.  Across each school year, a child will experience their Science, Art, Design & Technology, Geography and History lessons through their topics. Science is now a core subject and is planned for three out of the six half termly topics so there is the time and freedom to cover all the subject areas as well as the skills needed in scientific investigation. By planning our own Creative Curriculum, we have ensured that there is progression across the school in all the subjects. Alongside English, Maths and the Creative Curriculum all pupils are taught PE, PSHE and RE.  During our half day RE sessions we explore different whole school topics and themes which cover the principal religions in the UK. Key topics within themes include: festivals, places of worship, holy books and the story of creation. The RE lessons centre around discussion and debate, role play and stories, giving all children the chance to speak and express their opinions. These lessons are part of the national curriculum and we believe it is important for all children to learn about different religions as these opportunities promote an ethos of respect for others, challenge stereotypes and build understanding of other cultures and beliefs.

If you have any further questions about what your child is learning at school do not hesitate to come in and discuss it further with your child’s teacher.  There is also the teaching and learning policy also outlines the core essence of each subject and termly curriculum maps which show the topics we cover in each year group.  

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