The school day

School routine

  8.00am          Breakfast Club starts

  8.30am         School gate opens and a member of staff is on duty in the playground.

  8.30am         Morning nursery session starts

  8.50am         School starts

  8.55am         Registration

10.05am         KS2 playtime

10.25am         KS1 playtime

11.30am         Morning nursery session finishes

11.45am         EYFS lunchtime starts children have 1 hour and 10 minute break

12.00pm         KS1 lunchtime starts children have 1 hour break

12.20pm         KS2 lunchtime starts children have 1 hour break

11.30am         Afternoon nursery session starts

  2.00pm         KS1 playtime

  2.20pm         KS2 playtime

  3.30pm         School ends

  4.30pm         After school clubs finish


Whole school certificate assembly is every Friday after lunch. Each class chooses one child to be awarded certificates and the focus is on good work and achievements in learning. Weekly house point totals are also celebrated at this assembly.

On Thursdays KS1 singing assembly is at 2.15pm in the lower hall and KS2 singing assembly is at 3.00pm.

KS2 ‘Star of the Week’ assembly is on Monday at 11.50am. Class teachers choose a star person and explain their reasons for choosing the pupil, this award focuses on positive behaviour and setting a good example. Class behaviour points are also announced and discussed in this assembly.

KS1 ‘Star of the Week’ assembly is on Tuesday at 2.15pm.

We also have regular class assemblies and topic assemblies.