Exchange of playground games for PE

An activity combining P.E. and English writing

Our sports specialist proposed a game we could teach to our partner school (Hoop Ball). During our Teacher visit to Paris our three teachers will present this game in a P.E. lesson. They will explain the rules to the French teachers. The French school will likewise present a game which we can teach our pupils. During a literacy class, our children in Y5 and Y6 will compose the rules of the French game in English with an emphasis on clarity and precision. The literacy class will play the game and discuss how we could change the rules to make it fairer or more fun etc. We know that the French school are not allowed to use hard balls for games and that they may not have hoops, so we will take chalks to make playground markings to substitute for hoops. A soft ball is ideal for "Hoop ball". A display will be made to share the work we have done with parents. We hope to pass on the new French game to visiting local schools to illustrate the advantages of international sharing. The children will evaluate the French game and present their work in our International assembly. Our Sports specialist will teach the French game to all KS2 classes, so this project will eventually involve 180 KS2 children.
Literacy: The children will enjoy the writing task and learn how to write clear rules which cannot be misinterpreted. They will be able to look at the game critically and decide how they might like to change it. They will enjoy the introduction of a fresh game and be pleased that we at Childs Hill have a shared experience with our partner school. They will have the opportunity to present their work to visiting schools and to parents and Governors.
P.E.: The new game will contribute to physical fitness and the enjoyment of group sport for 180 children in Childs Hill and be mirrored in its impact in our partner school. It will bring a new dimension to P.E. to realise that we are playing the same games as our partner school and that we have added something to each other's school experience by sharing.They will be reminded about the value and importance of rules and fair play.
Come and see our display outside Dan's office! Writing to be proud of!