Collaborative Language

This project was proposed by the French school and was jointly planned when the Head Teacher of Jean Sarrailh visited Childs Hill in July 2016. The two schools will collaborate to produce a Power Point Presentation showing photos of a pupil from each school and their activities during the school day. We will compare the experience of a child at Jean Sarrailh with that of a child at Childs Hill . When do we arrive for school? How do we travel to school? Where do we eat lunch and at what time? What do we wear? What do we do at playtime and how much playtime do we get? How long is the school day? Are there any clubs after school? The children will learn about the partner school and learn new language involved in talking about our activities. They will do written work in the French lessons and will present the project at our International Assembly for parents, other local schools and Governors.
Aims and outcomes: 
The children will learn new nouns and verbs to do with the school day. They will revise the telling of time in the target language. They will be able to reflect on the lives of others and compare and contrast their experiences. They will have a clearer idea of what it is like to grow up in another country, the opportunities that they may or may not have. They will feel inspired to change their circumstances by asking for new clubs and extra curricular activities in their respective schools. They will have the opportunity to share this with the whole school, parents, visiting schools and Governors.


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