French Through Cooking

Open Lesson for Parents: French Through Cooking - Tuesday 21 February @ 3.45pm

This is a series of MFL lessons on healthy- eating incorporating an after school event for Y3 and Y4 children and their parents/carers. Children will learn the names of many fruits and food items, some good for us and some not so healthy, and the history of Dr Bircher’s healthy muesli recipe. They will learn verbs contained in a recipe and will make Bircher fruit salad and sample it. Older children will be on hand to facilitate groups with cutting, dicing, mixing and pouring, using French language throughout the activity. Strategies used to teach reading, speaking and listening skills will be demonstrated and explained to the visiting parents and a worksheet with a written application will be given to the children to do at home . Evaluation sheets will be given to parents/carers and the children will complete a feedback sheet about their learning and the cooking experience in class. Other schools will be told about this at our International Assembly and Teachers will be invited to participate.

Aims and outcomes: 

To involve parents in their child’s learning experience. To demonstrate to parents specific strategies we use in teaching MFL. To teach children about a healthy recipe and the importance of a healthy diet: Children will be able to identify healthy and non-healthy food choices. To introduce nouns and verbs in the target language. To provide an enjoyable social event at school, learning French through hands-on cooking To inspire local schools to teach MFL through cooking



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