Exchange of songs

This project was proposed by the French school and planned jointly when the Head Teacher of Ecole Jean Sarrailh visited us in July 2016.  The curriculum of both schools has been enhanced in previous years through exchanging songs and this forms an integral part of the scheme of work for both schools.  Children from both schools will learn one traditional Christmas song and one other traditional song from the other country. Childs Hill will be teaching the children and staff at Ecole Jean Sarrailh the songs ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ and ‘’Rule Britannia’ (the special school version). Jean Sarrailh will reciprocate with a traditional French Christmas song and ‘Le Roi Dagobert’. The exchange will take place during our Teacher Visit (Oct 2016). Our teachers will teach the songs to the French children during their singing practice lesson and give them a video of some Childs Hill children singing.The French school will teach us their songs to bring back to Childs Hill. Both schools will perform their new songs at their Christmas play for parents. Governors, and local link schools will be invited to our performances.  Evaluation feedback will be obtained as well as an evaluation video.

It is good for children to understand that different countries have different traditional songs, even though they celebrate the same festivals. It helps them to feel part of the local and global community – sharing music with our own community as well as with our link school. We hope that the local link schools we invite will also adopt the new French songs. The songs will be taught throughout the school so as to impact 225 pupils.

The children enjoyed the song worksheet given to us by our partner school. I wonder if our partners enjoyed the Christmas puddings we gave them?

Y5 and Y6 will be performing "Le Bon Roi Dagobert" on Feb 9th for Parents, Carers and visiting schools. We will be using the image of a mechanical clock with moving figures as we tell this traditional tale in song. For a sneak preview:

french song


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