French Projects

Contemporary Artist Study at Ecole Jean Sarrailh and Childs Hill School

This project was initiated by our French partner school. Children will learn about the art work of two French artists.
1. Y3 and Y4 will study Hervé di Rosa through a sequence of lessons focusing on representations of themselves moving from realistic to more abstract (robots/monsters). They will produce a group artwork (90 children) in which they make a representation of themselves as a monster using paints. This is then collated to create a colourful fresco and displayed in the school.
2. Y5 and Y6 children will learn about Jean Francois Bourlard,who uses a pottery/enamel technique known as Raku Punk. Three teachers will visit his current exhibition, with children from our partner school in Paris in October 2016 and introduce the artist at an assembly in London. There will be a sequence of lessons to introduce his style, method, techniques and inspiration using the resources brought back from our Teacher visit to Paris. Children will produce an individual item and each class will produce a collective sculpture. The children will give individual and group evaluative feedback. Our permanent Raku Punk display will be open to parent and visitors. Photos of our art work emulating both artists will be displayed in the " Espace Jacques Villeglé," a contemporary art gallery in Saint Gratien, Paris, alongside our partner school's work for public viewing.