International Dimension

At Childs Hill School we are committed to looking outwards to the wider world. We are helping children to take their World Citizenship seriously, with all its exciting possibilities and responsibilities. That is why Internationalism is an integral part of our curriculum and why we seek to reach out to other schools as ambassadors for Internationalism. For several years we have enjoyed working on International projects with partners overseas and have received accreditation from the British Council in recognition of our commitment to Internationalism. We have overseas links with schools in several countries including India, China and the Czech Republic.

This year we are collaborating with our partners in Paris on several exciting projects:

  1. Exchange of songs
  2. Exchange of playground games for P.E.
  3. Collaborative language-learning project based on a comparison of our daily routines
  4. “Peace Card” design Competition using recycled materials
  5. “French Through Cooking” Open MFL lesson for Y3 and Y4 children and their Parents and Carers
  6. Contemporary Artist Study culminating in an exhibition of art-work from both schools in an art Gallery in Paris!
  7. International Day A day focused on celebrating the differing background of the children in the EYFS

Childs Hill in the news....Childs Hill School’s art projects to be exhibited in Parisian art gallery!

In partnership with Ecole Jean Sarrailh we will be studying two contemporary artists; Hervé di Rosa and Jean- François Bourlard. In October staff from Childs Hill accompanied French colleagues and their pupils to an exhibition of Raku Punk at the Espace Jacques Villeglé, a contemporary arts gallery in the heart of Saint Gratien, Paris. In the summer term both schools will exhibit their work, inspired by these artists, for public viewing. Childs Hill look forward to creating a Raku Punk kitchen, remodelling recycled artefacts using creative techniques to produce weird and wonderful effects.

The last five years have seen collaboration on projects involving Maths, English, Art, P.E., PSHE, Music, Playground Games and Foreign Language. Strong links have been formed through reciprocated visits in which teachers and pupils have met and worked together. This year we are undertaking seven new projects for reaccreditation for the International Schools Award, four of which were initiated by our French partners. 

In February we have two events: our annual “Inter-School MFL Assembly” to celebrate language-learning and provide a platform for schools to share their pupils’ achievement, and an “Open Lesson for Parents- French Through Cooking” at which parents are invited to share a cooking experience with their children in Y3 and Y4 and see some of the strategies we use to teach the four language skills.

Childs Hill School welcomes visitors. Please get in touch with our school office if you would like to attend the events in February, learn more about our International projects, have help with organising pupil day- trips to Paris or observe some MFL lessons. We would love to see you!

Spanish One-Year Transition Course

Children in Childs Hill School learn French as part of the curriculum for five years. In Y6 they have the opportunity to learn Spanish as well, as an after school club.

At the end of each term they receive a certificate to show what they have learnt and a revision sheet to help them review their learning ready for secondary school.







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