Letters Home

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Autumn Term 2021


Summer Term 2021

Y5 Food Celebration 

Nursery Upcoming Events

Reception Upcoming Events 

Y3/4 Upcoming Events

KS1 Upcoming Events

Y6 End of Year Letter

Staffing Caracal Class

Y6 BBQ & Leavers Assembly

Dates to remember - June Update 

Behaviour Letter - Arabic 

Behaviour Letter

Health, Fun and Fitness Week

Y6 Yearbook 

PSHE Curriculum Letter

Reception 2021 Virtual Meeting

Y5 Cardfield Slide 

Y5 Cardfield 2021 

Y5 Secondary Transfer Slide

Y5 Secondary Transfer Letter

KS1 Sleepover

Y5 Secondary Transfer Meeting 

Y5 Cardfield Trip 2021

Tiger class Cooking Workshop 

Ocelot class Cooking Workshop

Story Telling Workshop

Reception to London Zoo

School App 

Eid Mubarak 

Y2 to Childs Hill Park

Y6 Curriculum Letter

Y5 Curriculum Letter

Y4 Curriculum Letter

Y3 Curriculum Letter

Y2 Curriculum Letter

Y1 Curriculum Letter

Walk Zone Letter 

Spring Term 2021

Parents Evening Summer 2021

Fasting & Ramadan 2021

Y5 Wing Academy Letter 

Uniform Update March 2021

Welcome back letter March 2021

March Re-Opening of School 2021

February update letter 24.02.21

February Update letter to parents 

Reception bubble remained closed 

Online Live Google Class Timetable

Attendance & Families Abroad

Nursery bubble information

Reception bubble advice to self isolate

Online Live Google FAQ Session

Update letter to parents Spring 1

Pathways bubble advice to self isolate

Y3/4 bubble advice to self isolate

Y1/2 bubble advice to self isolate

Nursery opening

Pathways Curriculum Letter Spring 1

Letter from Hugh Greenway, TEFAT CEO

Tier 4 School Closures

Autumn Term 2020

Covid Alert Letter 

Pathways Update

Autumm 2 parent update

Healthy Start Food & Vitamin Voucher

Letter from Hugh Greenway, CEO

INSET Day Friday 6 November

Update letter to parents Autumn 1

Arabic version update letter to parents Autumn 1

Somali version update letter to parents Autumn 1

Letter from NHS Track & Trace

Covid-19 what to do guide

Update letter to parents

Letter to local residents

Tik Tok content warning

Y6 Curriculum letter

Y5 Curriculum letter

Y4 Curriculum letter

Y3 Curriculum letter

Y2 Curriculum letter

Y1 Curriculum letter

Digital Future

Digital Future (Arabic Version)

Welcome back letter 

Re-opening letter

Summer Term

Reception to Year 1 Transition

Headteacher's Report to Parents

School Closure Update No 14

Class  swap letter (Y1-Y5)

School Closure Update No 13

School Closure Update No 12

School Closure Update No 11

School Closure Update No 10

School Closure Update No 9

School Closure Update No 8

Year 6 Yearbook

Summer Term Curriculum Newsletters

Letter from Hugh Greenway CEO TEFAT

School Clousre Update No 7

School Closure Update No 6

School Closure Update No 5

Welfare & Wellbeing letter

School Closure Update No 4

Spring Term

School Closure Update No 3

School Closure Update No 2

School Closure Information 

Coronavirus update from TEFAT

Coronavirus update

Barnet Dance Festival

Coronavirus awareness information

Y3 Egyptian Day

Choir Cluster Event

Dance Festival

Y5 visit to British Museum

Pathways visit to Wing Yip

Y1 Happening Histories workshop

Y6 Imperial War Museum visit

Y6 Parent workshop

Autumn Term

Y6 Visit to London Central Mosque

Y6 Entrepreneurs

Pathways Carol Concert

Pathways Arts Depot show

Y6 Special Guest Assembly

Pathways visit The Shard

Science Workshops

Y4 Camping Trip to Tolmers

International Evening

Y2 @ Science Museum

Reading Olympiad

Y6 @ Kew Gardens

Parents Paris trip

Curriculum Maps

Diary Dates Leaflet

Phase Information Meetings  Year 5&6    Year 3&4    Year 1&2

Curriculum Newsletter  Y6

Curriculum Newsletter  Y5

Curriculum Newsletter  Y4

Curriculum Newsletter  Y3

Curriculum Newsletter  Y2

Curriculum Newsletter  Y1


Residential Trip July 2020 

Year 6 Leavers BBQ & Assembly

Roblox concerns

Y4 trip to Beasts of London

Cougar Class trip to Golders Hill

After school skipping workshop

Year 6 @ TEFAT Bake Off competition

Year 5 Make money grow

Transition Meetings

Barnet Athletics Festival

Tombola Donations

Y4 Cricklewood Mosque Visit

Y6 @ Junior Citizens

Y5 @ Kidzania

Fizz Pop Science workshops

Nursery Trip to Parliament Hill

Pathways Curriculum

Inspired Through Sport Day

KS1 Sleepover

Update on marking policy

Ramadan & Fasting

Y1 Curriculum Newsletter

Y2 Curriculum Newsletter

Y3 Curriculum Newsletter

Y4 Curriculum Newsletter

Y5 Curriculum Newsletter

Y6 Curriculum Newsletter

Spring Term

Paris trip information meeting

Y6 SATS information meeting for parents

Chicken pox advice from Public Health England

Pathways visit HMS Belfast

Y3 @ Golders Hill Park

Y6 SATS revision books

Nursery Expectations

Velodrome trop

Pathways visit Kidzania

Ancient Egypt Day

Pathways visiting the Tower of London

What's On in the Children's Centre (South Locality)

Curriculum Newsletter Year 1

Curriculum Newsletter Year 2

Curriculum Newsletter Year 3

Curriculum Newsletter Year 4

Curriculum Newsletter Year 5

Curriculum Newsletter Year 6

Letter to Lion Class

Year 2 visiting The Monument

Year 6 visiting London Central Mosque

Leopard Class to Pizza Express

Y5 visiting British Museum

Y2 parent workshop

Autumn Term 

New after school club

Diary Dates

Christmas Panto

Working in partnership

Year 4 Tolmers Camping Trip

Starting Reception September 2019

Road Safety Reminder

Friendship Disco

After School Club Questionnaire

Y6 @ Whitefield School PE sessions

Year 2 classes visit Pizza Express

Year 3 classes visit Natural History Museum

Welcome back to school



Yearbooks for Y6

Bell Boating Y5 

Bell Boating Y6

End of key stage transition meetings

Oncilla class to Pizza Express

Hair Gel Show for Y6 

Hair Gel Show for Y5 

Volunteer information meeting

Non uniform day

Eid Celebration Breakfast & Assembly 

Parent Governor Election letter

Parent Governor Nomination Form

Fortnite Video Game

KS1 Sleepover

Consultation on uniform changes

Multi Consent Form

GDPR Information Letter

Barnet Resilient Schools Programme

Year 5 @ Natural History Museum

Year 6 Theatre Trip

Year 5 Secondary Transfer

Curriculum Newsletter Year 1, Year 2, Y3&4, Year 5 & Year 6

After school clubs

Puma Class Reward trip

Uniform Standards

Y5 @ Barnet Music Festival

Parents Evening Invitation Upper KS2

Parents Evening Invitation Lower KS2

Parents Evening Invitation KS1

Parents Evening Invitation Reception classes

Year 1 Restorative approaches workshop

Year 2 SATS information meeting

Year 5 Thames Clipper trip

Bobcat & Cougar classes visit Golders Hill Park

Y6 SATS revision books

World Book Day

KS2 learn to play a musical instructment

Golders Hill Park Y3&4

Y6 taster lesson @ Whitefield School

Uniform standards

New PE arrangements

Y2 Impact Parent Session

Egyptian day in Year 3&4

Y4 trip to Whitefield School

Y2 Ragged Museum trip

Year 1 curriculum map and newsletter

Year 2 curriculum map and newsletter

Year 3 & 4 curriculum map and newsletter

Year 5 curriculum map and newsletter

Year 6 curriculum map and newsletter

Modern Foreign language assembly

Y6 Warchild film

Y6 secondary taster lesson at Whitefield School

Spring term after school clubs

Streetz Ahead Showcase Assembly

Panther class reward trip

Street Feet Dance Crew

Karate Club

NSPCC speak out, stay safe

KS1 Christmas with the aliens show

EYFS spectacular show

Y4 Tolmers camp information meeting

Christmas raffle

Pathways Carol Concert

Christmas Lunch

Panther class War child film

Music tuition

KS1 recorder letters

Y4 Tolmers Camp letter

Letter to Jaguar class

Parents evening invitation

Parent governor election

Volunteer information meeting

Uniform Standards       Arabic translation

Year 6 Residential to Mill Rythe July 2018

Year 5 Cardfields residential trip

End of year age related expectations

Headtacher's report to parents