CHS Receives RSQM

Childs Hill is REALLY one in a million!  Well maybe not 1 in a million but definitely 1 in 21,398 because we are the only school in the UIK to have been awarded RSQM.  RSQM is the Restorative Services Quality Mark and along with a small handful of other organisations nationwide, the way we work at this school has been acknowledged as outstanding.  Not all schools work in this way but then not many teachers get to have lunch with a Princess!  Catherine, Sally and Dan attended the award ceremony where Princess Anne, the patron of the Restorative Justice Council, presented Catherine with our award.  It was a very proud moment to hear her congratulate our school on this achievement.  Have a look at the pictures. 

Working with each other in a restorative way, to openly discuss problems, listen to one another and agree on appropriate solutions.  It is something that CHS has been doing for over 6 years.  It is because of our restorative approach that relationships are so good and trust is so strong. Click here to read the full press release.

Click here to read what the Hendon Times wrote about this Award. 

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