Peer mediators

The purpose of peer mediation is to help children find appropriate ways to respond to problems with others, it is not about telling others what to do.  Peer mediators do not "make decisions" but rather work towards a win-win resolution for both sides in order to avoid further trouble.

The children learn:

  • Learn responsibility for their behaviour
  • Learn to be responsive to their peers in a cooperative and constructive manner
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn to be fair and impartial
  • Improve self-esteem

Read on to find out what the children say about these roles.

Peer Mediators

Being a peer mediator is really fun because we help children in the playground, sometimes the children are who are upset or hurt. We have a lot of responsibility and when we communicate with the children in the playground we use our ability to listen to them and to respect them and we never say WHY, take sides or gossip about the problems we have just sorted out as it is confidential. 

Here are some comments from our Peer Mediators.

Mia aged 9 Ocelot Class – I think I have an impact as a peer mediator in the playground because I’m calm, I always stick to the script we have on the lanyard when I’m on duty and I’m kind.

Carlos aged 10 Tiger Class –I would recommend being a Peer Mediator because I think being a Peer Mediator is a good job to have, because you get to know more children and they come to you if they have a problem.

Ali R aged 9 Jaguar Class – I feel it is important to have Peer Mediators in the playground so people don’t get sad. If there were not any Peer Mediators, the teachers can’t solve lots of problems all at the same time.

Ayah aged 9 Ocelot Class – I like being a Peer Mediator because I like being helpful and kind, also it has given me confidence to talk to other children.

Adam aged 11 Panther Class – I think that as a Peer Mediator I don’t just help children in the playground, I also help the other younger Peer Mediators when they are having difficulties resolving problems. Lots of problems occur in the playground and we help to resolve them, sometimes we give teachers a hand.

Qasim aged 10 Panther Class – When we are in the playground the children know who we are and they trust us to help them.

Antoni aged 11 Leopard Class – We help in the playground because there are not that many people that are upset any more.

Alesia aged 10 Panther Class – I feel like being a Peer Mediator has given me confidence to confront my peers and not to be shy, also it gives you skills to use in the future to help other people. It feels great to see a smile after you have helped a child when they are sad. It is so rewarding.

Amelia aged 9 Puma Class – Being a Peer Mediator in the playground is important because when you are feeling sad and don’t want to go to a teacher, a Peer Mediator can come and help.