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Meet the Governors

Paul Hoskins writes:

I have been Chair of Governors since November 2012.  Before that, I was a Parent Governor for 6 years, and my association with the school began in 2000, when my eldest daughter started in the Nursery.  My wife Clare teaches music part time at the school, and our 2 daughters and 1 son all attended CHS. They are now at secondary school.  If you would like to contact a Governor about anything please do so via the school office by email office@childshill.barnetmail.net or 020 8452 4531.

Who are the governors?

Usually there are 12 of us: the Head Teacher, 1 Staff Governor, 4 Co-opted Governors, 4 Parent Governors, and 1 Governor nominated by the Local Authority.  At the moment, the majority of us are parents of present or past children at CHS, and the children are always our main concern.


Paul Hoskins

Paul Hoskins, Chair of Governors

Emma Casey

Emma Casey,
Vice Chair of Governors

Alpona Quiyum,
Parent Governor

Iman Muddathir

Iman Muddathir,
Parent Governor

Ken McHugh

Ken McHugh,
Parent Governor

Nigel Taylor
LA Governor

Diana Levine

Diana Levine, Co-opted Governor


Alex Scott, Co-opted Governor

Ben Littlewood,
Staff Governor


What do we do?

We are all volunteers, and we give our time because we care about the school and the community. We have a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and interests. We make decisions that help the school to provide the best possible education, in its widest sense, for all the children in our school and nursery.

Childs Hill School has had a strong governing body for a long time. We are all interested in knowing as much as possible about the school - its strengths, weaknesses, its history and current context - so that we can make very informed decisions about its future. This means appointing the best possible staff, supporting them in their work, and constantly asking questions aimed at improving the school. Many of us come in to school regularly to hear children read or help them with maths, for example, and we attend events and performances at school. Sometimes we have to choose between a number of possible ways of doing things, or decide about how money is spent. There are also some things that the law dictates, and we have to make sure the school is doing what it is supposed to do.

How are we organised?

We have four committees. Most Governors will be on two or three committees, and each committee meets once a term.

  • The Pupil Welfare Committee looks after the health and safety of the children, and is concerned with things like attendance, inclusion and exclusion, child protection, behaviour and relationships policies, and SEN (for example, setting the school’s policy on pupil absences).
  • The Staffing Committee looks after the way the school staff is structured, the appraisal process for all staff, appointments of new staff, and the welfare of all employees.
  • The School Development Committee is concerned with data, (progress, achievement and attainment) teaching and learning, and major curriculum initiatives (for example, Write Inspire).
  • The Finance and Premises Committee looks after the school’s budget, and sets priorities for improvements to our buildings and playgrounds.

Also, all of us meet towards the end of each term as a full Governing Body, in a formal meeting that is clerked by an official from Barnet.

We are currently in the process of reviewing many policies, and these will be downloadable from this site.

Committee Membership

Staffing Pupil Welfare School Development Finance & Premises
Emma Casey Emma Casey Emma Casey Emma Casey
Dan Hawkins Dan Hawkins Dan Hawkins Dan Hawkins
Paul Hoskins (Chair) Paul Hoskins Paul Hoskins Paul Hoskins
Diana Levine Diana Levine Diana Levine Stuart Lester (Observer)
Alex Scott Alex Scott (Chair) Ben Littlewood (Chair) Alex Scott
Nigel Taylor Nigel Taylor Martin Skillett (Observer) Nigel Taylor (Chair)
    Nigel Taylor  

Terms of office


Governor Type

Re-election date

Casey, Emma

Parent Governor

18 May 2018

Hoskins, Paul

Co-opted Governor

22 March 2019

Levine, Diana

Co-opted Governor

22 March 2019

Littlewood, Ben

Staff Governor

27 November 2018

Muddathir, Iman

Parent Governor 21 March 2020

McHugh, Ken

Parent Governor 21 March 2020

Quiyum, Alpona

Parent Governor

09  October 2017

Scott, Alex

Co-opted Governor

22 March 2019

Nigel Taylor

LA Governor 20 November 2020


Co-opted Governor