Science at School


As part of Crossphase Sally and Eleanor have been working with the top scientists of Childs Hill to discover the amazing and wondrous world of Science around us! Check out our page weekly to find out what exciting experiments we have been investigating. See if you can try and find any exciting experiments to do at home and let us know!!



After a wonderful break over Christmas, our Childs Hill Scientists have come back more eager than ever to try new experiments and learn more about the science behind them!

We tried a particularly exciting experiment which involved bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and a plastic zipped up bag...a bit of a strange mix I hear you say! Well, our scientists were learning about chemical reactions and what happens when you use an acid. We made some predictions about what we thought would happen and then all gathered outside to test it out!

We found that when you mixed the bicarbonate and vinegar together a reaction took place which made the bag expand to the point of bursting!! After lots of discussion we found out that the product produced was a gas which was making the bag expand and eventually if the chemical reaction continued to produce the gas, it would explode!


On Friday 16th January, all of our experiments were around a balloon! We asked how can you push a cocktail stick through a balloon without it bursting? The answer: oil! By creating a film or a seal over the balloon with the oil, you are able to stop the air coming out and therefore it doesn't pop. We also tried to keep a balloon in the air 'levitating' for as long as possible by blowing through a straw - very hard work! The final one which I think was a favourite of everyone was trying to make the strangest noises possible with a balloon and a straw and believe me, people from all over the school must have been wondering what was happening in our classroom!

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